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Wednesday, Oct. 15, marked the first day of my new job. I was promoted to Marketing Coordinator (this included a small increase in salary). It’s a small promotion, but the job should be something I enjoy a bit more than my previous customer service gig. Not that I didn’t like the customer service thing, it just wasn’t what I studied for — I was a public relations major and a marketing minor.

I’ve always thought it was ironic that I worked myself to the ground to pay my way through college so that I could get out of the university, then I ended up working here. That’s me — queen of contradictions.

It should be interesting to see what this new position has in store for me. One thing’s for sure, it involves a lot more in-person interaction with people. Not just the telephone stuff I did previously, but situations where I have to go to meetings and look the part of a professional marketing person. I won’t mind that part. I’ve been building up my wardrobe and can do the “dress for success” thing without much effort.

The only thing I don’t look forward to is the fact that now I’m no longer at the bottom of the ladder, so I can’t stay out of the office politics game. Thank goodness I have years of experience working in an office environment. Very little about office politics and etiquette surprises me now. I may not like the game, but I’ve observed it long enough to know how it’s played.

The good thing is that now that I’m doing something in my field I can start to think about graduate school. Now all I have to do is decide if I want a Master’s degree in Communication or in Business. I need to give this further thought.

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