Content makes a great Web site

According to Godbit Project’s “Youth, Vitality, and Content“:

Having a website is great, but nothing beats a fresh website. In fact, if the content on your church’s website gets outdated, you might as well kiss it goodbye. That’s how important it is.


Here are three practical ideas for setting up a Web site management system, as proposed by the post:

  1. Designate someone as the website caretaker.
  2. Meet regularly with your website caretaker.
  3. Use a Content Management System.

Need help finding a content management system?

There are literally hundreds of CMSs out there, so I won’t explore them in depth in this article. However, here are a few better-known CMSs designed to live on your website:

These CMSs are designed to live on a particular computer in your office:

These CMSs are services that you subscribe to:

Check out Andy Knight’s awesome article With All Thy Getting, Get a Site You Can Update.

This blog is a great source of info on how to get your organization online, and do a good job of it. Definitely worth keeping on your favorites list.

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