corn prices in crease in Mexico

So what? That means that price of tortilla has increased as well, impacting millions of people throughout the country.

Corn prices flatten Mexico’s tortilla market
Thousands are protesting cost of one of the nation’s staple food items

— reported by the Houston Chronicle

As Mexicans have done for centuries, Mikaela Serrano always counted on the humble tortilla when her resources ran low. But the 60-year-old homemaker is now being forced to skip meals, even the most basic dish of a tortilla with salt.

A surge in international corn prices, spurred partly by the growing ethanol industry, has caused huge spikes in the price of corn tortillas, a core ingredient in Mexico’s diet.

With many of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens going hungry, the tortilla crisis has been a blow not only to Mexico’s stomach but its psyche as well.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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