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Creating a Gem of a Career
— reported by Fast Company

Careers don’t just reflect which jobs are available, they represent who we are as people. Fast Company was founded on that notion (among others). The ensuing 10 years have seen everything from the rise of online job boards to the Brand Called You, the birth of blogs to offshoring. All of these developments have had a significant impact on the way we manage our careers–and the next 10 years promise to be just as dramatic. A number of technological and demographic trends still in their infancy will shape the way you develop and guide your professional life in the decade to come.

So what is the secret to your success?

  • Spin Out Your Network
    “Networks are morphing from small, closely knit circles into expanding webs that can reach just about anywhere–and collect virtually all the information you need.”
  • Put Your Best Face Forward
    “Your network may make companies transparent to you, but you’re transparent to employers as well. Anything online, whether easily available or tucked away in a private network, is fair game.”
  • Embrace the Liberal Arts (Again)
    “Solid communication skills, analytical thinking, and being a quick study are the new keys to success. Ironically, these are staples of the classic liberal-arts education. This is in marked contrast to the ever-more-specialized approach that some of today’s college degrees take.”
  • Harness Your Inner (Mini) Mogul
    “Are you an ideas person? Then think of different platforms where your ideas can help create a new product. Are you someone who’s great at management? Try to get a seat on a board of directors or an advisory board to broaden your experience and develop a high-level perspective.”
  • Post Your Résumé . . . Forever

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