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Bilingual Life

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Library Life

  • A Texas Digital Library. “Four Texas university systems and Rice University will collaborate on a digital repository whose goal is to offer online resources, such as teaching aids, dissertations, and practical information, although not books.
  • Sunday hours added to Houston Libraries
  • returning library books on time. “LifeHacker recently published a post entitled How to finish library books on time which has a link to a tabbed system to… well, finish library books on time and (here’s the important part) return them on time as well.

Ordinary Life

Pasadena Life

  • watching Emily. “In case you haven’t been paying attention, Hurricane Emily is headed to Texas.
  • senior health workshop. “If you’d like help in understanding the new Medicare Prescription Drug Program taking effect in 2006, the Madison Jobe Senior Center is teaming up with the Pasadena District Social Security Office to host a free workshop, Tuesday, July 19th, 2 – 3 p.m., to explain the details to you.
  • great Pasadena photo. “Houston Photobloggers has a fabulous photo of Capitan Theatre, in Pasadena. As far as I can tell, it’s the only photo of Pasadena in their collection, but certainly worth a look.
  • the city of Pasadena has a budget… sort of. “At first glance, Pasadena’s 2006-10 budget forecast may look bleak. However, the document is intended to give the city a starting off point to plan for the future.

Public Relations life

  • work for Gizmodo. “Gawker Media is expanding its technology coverage, and is seeking to fill the following positions. All these roles are full-time, and paid accordingly, though we take a relaxed attitude towards external freelance.
  • do I own this brand?The redesign of the Diva Marketing Blog has prompted a discussion centered on the question who owns a brand?
  • are bloggers journalists?This is a question that comes up frequently in my life, from both ends of the issue. If I’m covering a topic in one of my blogs and request information from a company or organization, should they treat me the same as they would a Houston Chronicle reporter? At the same time, if a photoblogger calls my office wanting to set up a shoot of one of my clients’ buildings, would I give him or her the same consideration as… say, a photographer from 002+ Magazine?
  • the wonderful world of media relations. “John Wagner’s comments in Now It’s The Corporate PR Folks’ Turn To Be Slammed about his experience with the media has had me thinking about the adversarial quality of my daily dealings with the members of the press. And I’ve been thinking about the many things I do, every day, to make those dealings better.
  • PR blogging isn’t ego polishing…”…or so says John Wagner in his post PR Bloggers Not All In It For Self-Promotion. In it he responds to some recent criticism and attacks that public relations professionals have received, in particular PR bloggers.

teaching life

  • Operation Backpack. “It’s the city’s largest ever school supply drive.
  • more seniors are raising their grandchildren. “I come from a family of teachers, so I’ve pretty much heard every teaching story you can think of. I know, my sisters know, and all teachers know that more children are being raised by their grandparents these days than ever before.
  • back to school at Pasadena ISD. “The Pasadena ISD Web site has a Back to School Guide up to help parents get ready for the August return date. Here you will find everything from enrollment processes to meal prices and school holidays. Worth a visit.
  • a blog to save Fort Bend ISD. “A good example of how a community blog can generate conversation and interest in a grassroots initiative.

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