customer service begins with your employees

A few months ago I wrote about how bad customer service at one of my project facilities nearly ended up being a media story. Excerpt:

So the question today is: whose job is it, anyway?

Whose job is it to promote your business? Whose job is it to see that your bottom line is met? Whose job is it to make certain that your organization’s meets its goals? Who is responsible for the success of your company? Who makes certain that your business image is maintained? Who makes certain that your customers become your best spokespersons?

Answer: Every single person on your payroll.

Today’s Inside and Outside from Seth Godin reiterates that point from a different angle. In it Seth talks about how the employees being happy to be at work influenced his decision to purchase, stay and purchase more (at Starbucks). In fact, he goes so far as to call this job satisfaction a marketing effort. Whether you agree with that or not (or even if you hate Starbucks) what’s evident is that great customer service is what made him decide to go back. And, ultimately, isn’t our goal to have repeat happy customers?

Author: Paloma Cruz

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