Daily log, February 17 — being good

On Monday, my trainer weighed me, etc. He told me that for the next session we have together I need to bring printouts of my calorie counts. I am not looking forward to that. One of the questions he asked was what is the biggest I’ve ever been? The answer is: now. The only other time I was like this was one pound lighter. Yikes! (That was three years ago.)

But I have been weighing in again, and I am slowly losing the weight I’ve gained since the beginning of the year. Then I will concentrate on losing the weight I gained since Thanksgiving. Then I will concentrate on losing the weight I’ve gained since the last weight loss. Then I will concentrate on the rest.


Today started with a trip to the gym. I did the circuit training and 45 minutes cardio. My other piece of homework is to do two hours of cardio before we have our next session on Saturday. Cardio is boring, but I will do the two hours requested.

9 AM — breakfast was a couple of eggs over hard on a whole wheat tortilla. Today I added a teaspoon of parmesan cheese in olive oil and spices. I needed some flavor. I just wanted to change it a bit.

2 PM — although I brought lunch to work with the intention of eating at my desk so I could work on my homework, I didn’t. A coworker and I went out to lunch to a pizza buffer (Star Pizza). I have one serving of the salad bar and one slice of pizza. Still a lot of calories, but much much less than I normally consume.

8 PM — dinner was a frozen lasagna with green beans.

After dinner I had a snack: a slice of bread with Nutella (my new favorite thing).

I ate too many bad things today. The tortilla on top of the lasagna on top of the pizza with an after dinner snack… Not the best way to go about my day. I’m going to pay for it.

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