Daily log, February 18 — sleep is necessary

I was up past midnight working on my homework for Monday. I think I was up until 1am. As a result, I could not bring myself to get out of bed early to go to the gym.

I am an old person, need to get enough sleep.

I weighed myself this morning. I’m half a pound up, which isn’t a shock after the carb load-up I had yesterday.

9 AM — yes, breakfast once again a whole wheat tortilla with eggs over hard. Yes, the Tabasco sauce was present again.

1 PM — I was supposed to meet someone for lunch today, but she’s out sick. Instead of heading home for lunch, as I should do every day, I went to Pei Wei and had the chicken lettuce wraps. I love their food, and this dish is one of their healthier choices.

8 PM — dinner was some Weight Watchers quesadillas with a side of steamed vegetables.

I’m hungry all the time right now. That means that my body (or brain) has clued in to the fact that I’m actually watching my calorie count again. I can always count on sabotaging myself as the next step. The cravings will last a while, until I conquer the first few weeks. Then I should be home free, maybe.

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