Daily log, February 22 — in training

I had an appointment with my trainer this morning. We went over my eating habits. He advised me not to cut too many calories and to concentrate on eating more protein. His concern is that I’m not consuming enough protein to keep up with the exercising, etc. After looking closely at the food logs, I think he may be right. I’ve been focused on how many calories I eat that I haven’t been paying attention to what kind of calories I’m eating.

He advised me to have 2,000 calories a day — we don’t want me to lose weight too fast and end up with loose skin. And he said I should he getting at least 150g of protein a day. In addition, I should go back to the three small meals with two snacks a day routine.

9 AM — breakfast was a scrambled egg taco with cheese on a whole wheat tortilla.

2 PM — lunch was a cobb salad with a double portion of chicken. I’m trying to get my protein in wherever I can.

8 PM — dinner was a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

After-dinner snack — I had a protein shake after dinner, to try and bring the protein quantity up for the day. My trainer did advise me that I might want to have a protein shake twice a day to help with that.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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