Daily log, February 24 — fitness goals

I nearly talked myself out of going to the gym today, but I did go. I had a light workout on the circuit training machines but did 45 minutes of cardio.

According to my trainer my three goals right now are:

  1. focus on cardio, my goal should be 3 hours a week
  2. get more protein
  3. eat more frequently — small frequent meals instead of leaving 6 or 7 hours between them

9 AM –breakast today was my regular “burrito” but without eggs (I ran out). Ground beef, chopped spinach, chopped mushrooms, and double the cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. I used the new green Tabasco sauce for flavor.

11:30 AM — mid-morning snack was an almond crunch bar with some tea.

2:30 PM — Lunch was a Weight Watchers enchilada meal and a banana.

5 PM — my afternoon snack was a protein shake.

9 PM — diner was leftover shrimp in peanut sauce w broccoli slaw.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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