Daily log, February 25 — being good doesn’t mean you stop eating

I didn’t go to the gym today, I slept in. That’s the norm for me, not news. News is when I actually make it out of the bed early enough and get to the gym. That’s unusual. That’s news.

9 AM — breakfast was an avocado taco on a whole wheat tortilla. It was a very big taco, but just what I wanted.

1 PM — I forgot I was going to a workshop today and packed lunch. Instead I ate at Maggiano’s. Now, let me be clear that I love the food at Maggiano’s. I just don’t love it when I’m actively watching what I eat. I had a spinach salad, followed by baked fish and grilled chicken. I even had two portions of the fish. I didn’t have any dessert, but I did have coffee.

5 PM — as a snack today I had an almond crunch bar.

9 PM — a late dinner was the turkey hamburger I intended to have for lunch, I added avocado to it.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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