Daily log, January 18 — chocolate cake is worth it

I made these diet logs on the days dated, but I didn’t have time to fill in the details. I am just getting to do that now, days later, and finding that I don’t enjoy it as much. It’s why you’re getting a bunch of logs posted all at once. I’m hoping to get back into my new habit of posting nearly daily.

Monday was a holiday, so I had a nice lazy day. That means I didn’t walk or do anything productive. It was a very good day.

10:30 AM — breakfast was a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Simple, fast, and tasty.

2:30 PM — for lunch I met up with a few friends at Cyclone Anaya’s. It was supposed to be El Patio in Midtown, but we found that the restaurant was closed for renovation or something when we got there. So we improvised and ended up at Cyclone Anaya’s in Midtown. I had a grilled chicken covered in onions and mushrooms, with cheese. I ate all of it, including the rice and beans.

7 PM — After lunch I met up with a friend to watch a movie. And, somehow, we ended up at the Chocolate Bar. Yes, I had cake. Yes, I had chocolate cake. Yes, I understand that that put me behind at least a week.

And, you know what? Completely worth it.

9 PM — I made a homemade hamburger for dinner. Probably not the way I needed to end the day, but that’s what I did.

It ended up being a very relaxing day. I didn’t do a single productive thing all day, and that was very good.

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