Daily log, January 19 — falling off the wagon for a croissant

Day started with a 5:30 am walk in Memorial Park. My friend and I have realized that the earlier walk lets us get ready for work without having to rush.

I like the idea of getting something accomplished first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. If nothing else goes right that day, at least I’ve done one thing on my personal goal list. And it has the benefit of being part of my long-term goals. Good stuff, all around.

9:30 AM — breakfast was a sausage/spinach taco in a whole wheat tortilla. As you can guess, the tortillas are being used up until I finish them. I should have bought a smaller pack or something.

1 PM — I had lunch at my desk. I picked up Pei Wei Hot and Sour Soup. I had the bowl. I think it took me 10 minutes to consume.

3 PM — I was destroyed by a croissant. I had a midafternoon meeting at La Madeleine and, instead of ordering a coffee like a good girl, I ended up with a coffee and croissant. I should not have done that. And the worst part is that I enjoyed it way too much.

9 PM — ironically, I ended up at Pei Wei for dinner too — met a friend for dinner and that was her pick. I had a chopped chicken salad.

My calorie count was over by the amount of the croissant, no surprise. I wish there was some excuse I could give myself, an out I could take that would reduce my disappointment in my lack of discipline. There isn’t. This week has been all about my bad choices.

Monday was indulgence. Today was stress. I had an item pop up that’s going to consume my week, set the tone for next week — and none of it is good.

But stress, I know, is not a good enough excuse.

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