Daily log, January 21 — I am sick

I woke up with difficulty breathing, so I called my walking buddy to tell her I couldn’t go walk. Can’t breathe. Coughing. My throat feels like I swallowed cut glass. My nose is dripping.

I am sick. Today is not going to be fun.

10 AM — I just realized that I didn’t eat breakfast. And I’m not hungry. I’m existing on tea right now. Somebody please please please tell me that I’m going to feel better soon.

1 PM — this must be my week for Pei Wei. Lunch was hot and sour soup. Today’s decision was on purpose. I wanted the heat and spicy to mix and make me feel better. And it did the trick, for a little while.

8 PM — I had a quesadilla for dinner. Quick and easy. I don’t think I even tasted it.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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