Daily log, January 23 — I feel better

I feel better than yesterday, which doesn’t mean that I am well. Just that I’m not completely miserable today.

I should have taken the day off.

9 AM — I forgot to have breakfast today. Maybe another indicator of stress?

2 PM — lunch was three pieces of pizza at a volunteer event. I know I needed to stop at 2 pieces, but I really wanted that last piece. And yes, I know realize that that’s not a good enough reason.

10 PM — dinner was Mexican food at a place called Spanish Village, where I’d never been before. I had a combo meal, which means a lot of food deep dried, covered in cheese.

Spanish Village is just south of 59 near the Museum District, except not in the trendy area. I parked my car and looked up and down the street and didn’t see single person, a single car. For at least a full minute I was the only person visible on that street. That just weirded me out.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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