Daily log, January 25 — a bacon cheeseburger day

My walking partner is having problems with her knees, so no walking for me today. And I was up an everything despite going to sleep a few hours earlier, three hours earlier, I think. I’d like to think that the only thing that stopped me from going walking by myself was the fact that it’s not completely safe to be alone after dark on the track at Memorial Park. But, honestly, I know people that go there alone every day. What stopped me was the lure of going back to bed. Laziness, pure and simple.

9 AM — since I’m running out of supplies, breakfast was a Weight Watchers frozen dinner. I had chicken/cheese quesadillas. I’ve found that these actually make a decent breakfast. They’re fast, good and low-calorie.

2 PM — i had my bacon cheeseburger. I’ve been craving this for weeks, it seems. Somehow, not quite as good as I had hoped.

9 PM — I had another bacon cheeseburger, this time from Whataburger. That was exactly what I wanted.

No, I’m not weighing myself tomorrow. What would be the point?

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