Daily log, January 26 — I’m getting worse

I didn’t walk this morning. Again. And I didn’t exercise at all.

10 AM — breakfast was Weight Watchers quesadillas again. I’m glad I bought them, will probably add them to my regular shopping list.

1:30 PM — lunch was a comida corrida at Hugo’s restaurant, which is the most expensive blue plate special I’ve ever eaten. I picked that spot because I took a friend out for a belated birthday celebration, and Hugo’s is a nice restaurant for that sort of thing. It was a good choice, my friend really liked it.

9 PM — Dinner was in two parts. I met up with my family for dinner tonight, which means I arrived when they were having dessert. So, yes, I had dessert.

Then we went shopping. I will discuss shopping with my family another time. But I do mention it to excuse the next part…

On my way home I picked up McDonald’s. Very very bad. Later I will discuss how I am indulging in my self-destructive tendencies. As if you hadn’t already picked that up.

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