Daily log, January 28 — I need to feel better

It’s been a week since I went walking. My friend has been indisposed or I have. I know that I need to go more often than twice a week, but it’s not becoming reality.

I’m on a prescription,have been for a while, but I’m not feeling better. Can I pleas start feeling better soon?

9 AM — breakfast was leftover macaroni and cheese. I just didn’t feel up to creating something more nutritious.

Yes, I know that that’s not what I should have had for breakfast feeling the way I do, but laziness won over health.

1 PM — lunch was Kim Son, General Tso Chicken. Met a friend there for lunch. I used to enjoy that restaurant a lot, but lately have been less than impressed with the food and the service every time I go.

9 PM — dinner was stroganoff noodles from a packet and leftover turkey.

I felt much better today. That is, I didn’t throw up once.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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