Daily log, January 30 — I joined a gym

I joined a gym today. There are a few reasons why I finally made the decision to do this:

  • I am tired of having the weather or my friend’s health as excuses
  • a friend got me a referral coupon for a gym at a great rate
  • walking as exercise is never going to get me where I need to be

So we’ll see how I do with the gym option.

9 AM — I had the continental breakfast provided at a workshop. A lot of bread and coffee, even though I should know better.

I did see a few friendly faces at the workshop, which is always fun. I spend so much time doing my job that I rarely have the chance to go out and make friends, or just be friendly.

2 PM — I stopped at Taqueria Arandas on my way home and had two tostadas, one quesadilla, and some fries. That’s my idea of comfort food.

9 PM — dinner was chicken soup, straight from a can. Well, I did warm it up in the microwave, but that’s about it.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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