Daily log, March 6 — a new toy

I bought an elliptical machine, used, from a garage sale. I know the previous owner and she never used it. It’s practically new. It’s the newest resident of my living room.

It’s this great thing, a combo elliptical and cycling machine that looks completely out of place in my apartment. It looks too metallic, too big, too incongruous in my brown and green-themed apartment. It just doesn’t look like it’s me.

Now let’s see if I actually use it.

10 AM — breakfast was a pork sausage/ground turkey and egg burrito on a whole wheat tortilla. I added shredded cheddar, broccoli slaw, mushrooms, onions and peppers.

11:30 AM — I didn’t have a midmorning snack.

2 PM — lunch was a turkey burger, homemade, with cheddar cheese, creamy Dijon mustard, and a bunch of banana peppers.

4 PM — I didn’t have a midafternoon snack.

6 PM — for an early dinner I had a sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub from Subway. No cheese, no mayo, on Italian bread, with lots of spinach.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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