Daily log, March 8 — exercise again

I had an intense workout with my trainer this morning. Two days of exercise in a row is something I tend to avoid, and judging from how sore I am, something I will avoid in the future as well.

My ADD is showing, I’m getting tired of meeting with my trainer. Not because I don’t like him or because I don’t want to exercise, but I don’t like having the commitment of getting up early to meet him. I want to option of sleeping in.

Of course, that commitment is the reason I made the contract. It was a trick, something I knew would force me to go to the gym regularly. I strive to make my appointments, I strive to get my “homework” done. I don’t intimidate, but I do embarass. I don’t want to admit to someone else that I’m so weak, so lazy that I can’t see an exercise program through.

And that is how my trainer is earning his money.

9 AM — breakfast was a turkey frittata with green peppers, onions, broccoli slaw and cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. Very yummy.

11:30 AM — I didn’t have a midnorning snack.

3 PM — I had a very late lunch. Pei Wei’s chicken lettuce wraps. Lunch with my brother.

4 PM — I didn’t have a midafternoon snack.

8 PM — I was in a cooking mood and tried a new recipe for tuna cakes. The batch made eight, and I ate two of them for dinner. Yummy yummy yummy.

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