day from hell

Today I had the kind of day that haunts you. If I went into details, I’d run the risk of revealing things that I really shouldn’t. Don’t expect details.

It was the day that I literally cried from anger and frustration. It was the day when I thought that if I opened my mouth I would scream and curse and, possibly, say something damaging. It was the day when I literally could not breathe, could not think of a way to cope, could not imagine one more minute of existing within that situation. It was the day when I seriously thought that…

And there I go, nearly writing too much.

I need a place to go and vent. Somewhere where what I say won’t follow me. Someone who will listen and not repeat what I say. Someone who will let me cry and just be there.

Where do I find what I need?

Author: Paloma Cruz

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