Dear Proprietor

The Coffee ShopI had three consecutive meetings set up in a new coffee shop. Two of these were set for me. The third I set up because it made sense to just piggy back it onto my morning schedule. What this meant was that I was going to spend 3-4 hours in this (in your) coffee shop. From experience I know that this is never completely pleasant. I’m just not a “work from the coffee shop” kind of person. I like my little desk with all my tools.

If it’s left up to me I’m not going to choose the cute little coffee place I’ve never been to as the place to hold a meeting, or series of meetings. I would pick a known place where all my wants are met. This was not my choice, but I’d made the decision to give you a chance, because I’m just nice that way. That didn’t go well. Maybe I’m too old for new places?

You only have street parking. In Houston, really?

At 8am the place was already warm. I understand that allure of setting up a coffee shop in an older building in a hip neighborhood, but if you’re going to do that you at least need to make sure that the air conditioner is working. And I mean actually cooling the establishment to a comfortable temperature and not just blowing cool air in one or two spots.

The music was much too loud. If I’d been sitting by myself this wouldn’t have annoyed me as much, I think. But, wow was the music loud.

I had to ask for the Wi-Fi password, and then it kept dropping me.

Your limited food menu has all cutesy names and you mocked when I got mine wrong. Even if I hadn’t already been grumpy from the 8am time and the other stuff, this one would have catapulted me into a bad mood.

And the coffee wasn’t all that.

The name of the establishment has been withheld because, really, this rant is about more than just Saturday’s experience. I acknowledge that the early hour (and the fact that my first meeting stood me up) made me cranky.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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