Diet Log — March 24

Paloma CruzI started my diet again last Friday. Good news is that I’m being good and have lost 3 pounds. The bad new is that I’ve had a headache for four days.

I think the headache is allergy-related. Everyone else tells me that the headache is because of the diet… something about lack of sugar, carbs or something.

The truth is that right now I would kill for a Diet Coke or a coffee with cream and sweetener. I’m staying away from all sweeteners, real or otherwise, for a while. That’s what I’m craving. Soon I will begin to crave breads and desserts.

I am determined to stay on it this time. On my recent plane trip I had trouble buckling the seatbelt. Then I couldn’t get on a ride because I exceeded the weight limit (i’m not kidding). That’s enough of that.

And, the real reason, I need to fit into my interview suits in case I get laid off with this new batch of staff reductions. I have a few months, I can do it.

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