Diet Update — December 31

I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I don’t know if that was on purpose or not. I have a feeling I wouldn’t have liked the results if I had.

9 AM — I was in a rush this morning, so breakfast was tea and a handful of nuts (which I keep in my purse). I am going to be very hungry very early today.

1 PM — I ventured to Central Market at lunchtime, in search of a dessert for tonight’s festivities. It appears that, though I called my sister and checked with my Mom to see what I needed to get when I went to the groceries yesterday, we were still a dessert short of acceptable new year’s fare. So I ventured to Central Market in search of a dessert, specifically looking for one of their fabulous Italian Cream cakes.

Of course, I ate lunch while at Central Market. So lunch was a Cuban pressed sandwich, kettle fried potato chips and a large bottle of water. Then I bought the cake in question (which I stashed in my office refrigerator, where I hope it will be safe — I did place a big sticker on it stating that it was my property, but I’m having nightmares of going to look for it and seeing a slice missing or something).

11 PM — cake, chips, dip, shrimp, tamales, meat empanadas, Champagne — these are the things that were included in my New Year’s Eve celebration. I won’t even try to count what I ate, or how much. Happy New Year’s!

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