Diet Update, January 13 — A very fat day

The day started out really well. Weigh in showed real loss for the first time in forever. It’s always good to see numeric changes, especially when you’re gearing up for a long-term commitment instead of short-term impact.

I got up early to do my walk at Memorial Park. It was 40-degree-weather, which is a big improvement over last week. It was still very very cold, and I don’t think I ever actually warmed up.

I heated up a whole wheat tortilla, which I filled with sausage, spinach and Pepperjack cheese. Probably should have left off the cheese, but it was still just around 500 calories. And it was a nice, hearty breakfast.

So, I was feeling really good. Then I tried to dress for work.

Nothing fit. Everything is much too tight. I can see rolls stretching against the fabric in places where it shouldn’t.
I tried on at least five different outfits, and discarded al of them. I ended up with an old standby, a “fat girl” outfit that I don’t like, but wich didn’t make me look like I was wearing something two sizes too small.

I really really need to stay on my diet, keep exercising and be a grown up about my health and fitness. If nothing else, simply because I refuse to buy new clothes.

10 AM — I took some time after my walk to cook breakfast. I sauteed some sausage and dropped in spinach, wich I used as a filling on a whole wheat tortilla. Add a little Pepperjack cheese and I got a really yummy breakfast that wasn’t too fattening. And it covered most of my food groups.

2 PM — I had another one of those days that another that I work through lunch because I was at a meeting. Today I was smart and packed lunch. Which meant I went to the old standby: peanut butter sandwich. Today, hover, I decided to change things up a little. I borrowed my sister’s standby and ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich — my very first. It was actually rather good. I think I’m going to have it again,

9 PM — for dinner I had a variation on last night’s dish. Grilled chicken with a side of sauteed spinach and tomatoes, in a garlic/pesto sauce. Very tasty.

Today I am very proud of myself because:

  • I didn’t cheat on my diet,
  • I exercised, and
  • I didn’t eat out.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

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