Diet update, January 17 — Sunday family lunch

10 AM — one of the great things about having Mom over, even on the futon in my living room, is that she washes my dishes and makes me food (even if I ask her not to). One of the most frustrating things about having my Mom over is that she cleans everything, including my dishes, and insists on cooking even though I’ve asked her not to… and I take deep breaths.

This morning she made me a breakfast sandwich. Sausage, egg, cheese and cherry salsa (which a friend bought for me at the last Nutcracker Market). It tasted great, and having someone else cook for you is always a good thing, but it was nowhere near healthy. But I ate it anyway.

12 PM — My sister Arianna has been bugging me about the fact that I haven’t had her over for dinner. I’ve been in this apartment since May and haven’t had a formal dinner or lunch where I invited people over to visit. Of course, she’s been here. Of course, she’s eaten here. But there seems to be some sort of rule about having an event and inviting her over. At least that’s what I’m told.

So I gave in and invited her and her husband and the kiddo over for lunch. I had intended to cook, but my Mother vetoed that idea. So instead I picked up lunch from Zoe’s Kitchen. I got the family pack of the chicken kabobs with rice and a Greek salad. And they loved it.

8 PM — Dinner was leftovers from yesterday’s KFC and today’s salad.

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