Diet Update — January 4

9:00 AM — realized that I hadn’t had breakfast when I got to work. I also forgot to weigh myself. So, today breakfast is a handful of nuts (which I keep in my purse) and tea.

12:00 PM — I drove through the McDonald’s drive thru on my way to my noon meeting. I ate a double cheeseburger and a large diet coke. Just enough that I won’t have a headache later.

9:00 PM — I met a friend for dinner at Pronto’s on Montrose. I had the Chicken Vincent with green beans. Basically, it’s chicken pan-fried with a parmesan covering. The green beans were drenched in olive oil. And I ate the bread, of course.

Normally, when I go to this restaurant I order this dish. However, the way I usually order it is with mashed potatoes and add a side of fetuccini to it. At least I minimized the damage a little.

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