Diet update — January 7

Staring at the scale this morning, loving the fact that there was no weight gain. Any day that the numbers don’t increase is a win in my book. Every once in a while I get to see the numbers go down, and that’s a good thing too.

9:00 AM — I was very very lazy this morning. I popped a Weight Watchers into the microwave for breakfast and had that with my usual tea. No fuss at all.

2:00 PM — I had lunch at my desk today, but I picked it up while out running errands. I went to Pei Wei and ordered the Vietnamese Chicken Lettuce Wraps (which I ate for lunch) and a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup (which I’m having for dinner). And, yes, I also got a Diet Coke to go with lunch.

9:00 PM — hot and sour soup for dinner was the best decision of the day.

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