The way the universe works, for me, is that if something can go wrong it will go wrong. I don’t get away with things. I don’t get a pass on anything.

I get fined for one day overdue. I get ticketed for driving off a parking lot and turning right onto a one way street. I get called out if I grab a pen and forget to return it. I bump into my boss’ boss if I’m trying to leave early. I drop food onto my most expensive blouse while on a business lunch. I trip while in public. My new jeans stain my new leather seats.

I should know better than to expect things to turn out better, to be easy. “Easy” doesn’t work in my life. “Easy” is not a word that usually applies to me.

And yet I am disappointed. I thought, just this once, that it was going to work out. I guess I don’t learn.

And I can’t even vent properly. Can’t share the details. Can’t be a child, be emotional, be destructive.

I am disappointed. I will get over it. In the meanwhile, I will have more chocolate.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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