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Blog Business World has a very functional and practical list of things you can do everyday to help market your business.

Ideas I use already:

  • Be sure to include your website link on your email signature line. It costs nothing, and can lead to some clicks to your site or blog.
  • Place your website URL, blog URL, and email address on your business cards. It is shocking how many business cards do not contain that vital information.
  • Be part of local community groups and events. Some of your very best customers and company evangelists may be right in your own back yard.
  • Be sure to have lots of good old fashioned business cards with you at every event that you attend. Hand them out freely. If you run out of cards, have more printed with all of your contact information.
  • Always be accessible to the news media for interviews. There is no better free advertising and endorsement and you are propelled to a thought leadership position in your industry immediately.

There are lots others. Worth a read.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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  1. Thanks for linking and recommending my list of easy to use everyday marketing ideas. I am glad you are using a sizable portion of the ideas in your daily marketing routine. Perhaps you can recommend additional easy to apply marketing suggestions that all of us can use every day as well.

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