doing good things, as reported by the news

  • Kids spruce up historic cemetery, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “On a warm, muggy, summer morning, more than a 150 young people are clearing away years of overgrowth buried beneath are decades of history… Olivewood Cemetery was established for freed people of color in 1876.
  • Young duo keeps troops connected with home, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. A 13- and a 14-year-old have raised $650,000 to buy international calling cards for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Donating blood to give back to America, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11.
  • Good Works: Helping youngsters find the right path, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “‘We’re an alternative program to high school for 16 to 18 year olds who basically aren’t gonna graduate from high school,’ explained Director Peggy Baldwin.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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