don't lie on your resume

I know that we’ve all been tempted… or maybe only I’ve been tempted continually to make myself sound better than I am.

It’s something I was very tempted to do when I started. Now, not so much. Though there are things I’d like to take some creative license with, one of my rules is that I don’t like if I can avoid it. I sidestep, offuscate, give vaguely specific info… but I don’t lie.

Statistics reveal that near 36% of applications are falsified!

(Stat found at InfoLink Screening Services, via Communications Overtones.)

In the age of Social Media, it is more important than ever to be truthful and transparent in all that you do and the resume must be especially pristine. Why, because you are more likely to be found out and exposed to the cold, hard light of day that the Internet shines on all activities.

Yep, there’s that too. So, again, don’t lie.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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