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Blogspotting compares Editorial processes: the magazine vs. the blogs:

The editorial process of blogging is far simpler. We write, we publish. This takes our journalism into a new sphere, but carries inherent risks. How do we handle them? First, we reduce risk by avoiding the sorts of stories that require heavy editing. We don’t blog investigative pieces, for example, or heavy financial analysis. Second, we consult our gut. If it looks risky, we’ll push it toward the more edited BW Online or the magazine. Finally, when we make mistakes–which we do–we aim to correct them quickly and ask for your understanding. We’re into something new, and all of us, you and I, are only coming to understand it as we create it.

I suppose, as more commercial blogging enterprises come up, as more traditional media get into blogging as one of their delivery mechanisms, editorials processes will streamline. But we should remember that Business Week is Business Week, whether they’re publishing via print, via email or via blog.

Another Blogspotting post, Big staff changes at BusinessWeek:

The most important change (from a blog perspective) is that one managing editor position has been turned into three–count ’em–executive editor posts. Yet only one of these editors will focus on the paper-and-ink magazine. The other two will direct BW Online and new ventures. That means that two-thirds of the top editing team will be focused away from our paper magazine. Gives you an idea of where the growth is.

Yes, it does tell us where the growth is. And, to me at least, it’s not surprising. As Darren Rowse reports that he makes between $10,000 and $20,000 a month in advertising revenue, as a single-poster blogging company, the big boys are taking notice.

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