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Creating a College Bound Culture
Local community colleges are getting together to host Creating a College Bound Culture, “an event in which people can find out about registration, scholarships, financial aid and other important information related to attending a local community college.” The event, as reported by the Chronicle, will be “from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. July 21 at Hermann Square, located in downtown Houston at 901 Bagby Street.”

Clear Creek ISD revises block scheduling
“After hearing concerns from parents, Clear Creek school district officials have revised the high school block-scheduling policy to allow more flexibility for student activities,” reports the Houston Chronicle.

What does that mean? “That means that students may attend band rehearsals or varsity team practices to the same extent as an upper classman.”

Why? “School district officials decided to revisit block scheduling after
parents complained the current policy hampered students’ practices and
tryouts for sports and band activities.”


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