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Texas earns higher scores
Houston-area school districts that joined the state in earning top academic rating this year include: Cypress-Fairbanks, Deer Park, Galena Park, and Katy. The Houston Chronicle reports that HISD “nearly doubled its number of high-rated campuses and maintained its overall ‘acceptable’ rating.” This was due, in some part, to the fact that the Texas Education Agency did not hold the district accountable for the high school graduation or middle school dropout rates this year.

As a non-educator, I don’t understand how discounting the dropout rates is a good thing. Can someone explain it to me?

Quality of teachers is uneven
Research conducted for the Association of Texas Professional Educators shows that the quality of teachers is uneven between rich and poor school districts. The Houston Chronicle reports that “Wealthy, high-performing schools attract and keep experienced, higher-quality teachers, while schools with large numbers of low-income and minority students are left with less-experienced teachers, according to a new study.”

So… what’s the solution?

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