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MERRY MEMORIES . . . the new movie, The Wedding Singer, is coming out (this weekend I think) and boy has it brought a blast from the past. I can remember poofing up my hair to high heaven, with so much aerosol hair spray that I’m sure there’s an environmental group somewhere with my name on their hit list. I can remember when MTV was a new thing and Madonna and Michael Jackson were all the rage. In fact, I remember all of that fondly, as if it were yesterday. And now there’s an era film about the early eighties. An era film! About the time when I was just becoming a teenager! Damn, that makes me feel old!

My baby brother laughs when I say that that was me, dancing to that music, dressing like that, talking like that — but then, he’s only twelve himself and I reminded him that there will be, one day, a movie that will bring out the nostalgia for him too.

I have to go see the movie, not because I’m a fan of Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore. The movie itself doesn’t even look particularly interesting. I’m going to see how ridiculous the era was. I’m going to go to remind myself that I am an adult and those years are gone. And I’m going to remember all the fun I had because believe me, I had lots.

Talk to all of you soon.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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