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I know that rising energy prices worries me. I see my electrical bill, weekly gasoline costs and other prices increase and know that soon it’s going to become an issue for my budget. Apparently, others agree with me.

Rising energy costs pack town hall meeting
— reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11

A lot of people in Houston are worried they won’t be able to afford the electricity to cool their homes this summer.

Reliant Energy said in just four years, Houston’s electric rates have risen 80 percent.

They’re expected to increase even more in the coming months. With that in mind, residents packed a town hall meeting for some answers and relief.


Rep. Turner said the town hall meeting was designed the educate people, mainly to let them know that for now that best way to lower costs is to switch to providers with lower rates.


In addition to switching to providers with lower rates, Rep. Turner called on people to write Gov. Rick Perry and encourage him to hold the Public Utility Commission accountable for helping to regulate those higher energy rates that some people cannot afford.

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