Fatblogging: no weight listed

So, I’ve decided to jump on the fatblogging bandwagon. I started a diet as part of my new year’s resolution, same as millions of others did.

Today’s victories:

  • Even though I slept through my alarm (which means that I didn’t eat breakfast at home) I overcame the desire to stop at Burger King for a croissant breakfast with extra hash brown. Instead, I ate a protein bar at my desk.
  • I drank 4 bottles of water (which is great for someone who used to get along without a single one all day)


  • I still can’t get properly motivated to increase my activity significantly.
  • After dinner, I had a tremendous urge to eat even though I know I wasn’t hungry. (I hate being a stress eater.)

Wish me luck.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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One thought on “Fatblogging: no weight listed”

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