feature on the new heads of Sam Houston High School

The principals for success
The new heads of a troubled HISD campus are eager to turn it around

— Houston Chronicle2


Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott announced that Sam Houston must close after six straight years of unacceptable student test scores, and HISD had until August to transform the Northside school.

The reform plan split Sam Houston into two schools: one for freshmen and the other for students in grades 10-12. Both will focus on math and science. Saavedra put Crump in charge of the upper school and tapped Treviño to head the ninth-grade campus.

Neither Crump nor Treviño has run a high school, but both have led campuses that proved successful with at-risk students.

Now, they face the biggest test of their careers as they rebuild the academic program at Sam Houston, a sprawling campus that has had its share of gang problems, staff turnover and low morale.

The first and biggest step for the new principals is hiring teachers. Combined, they must fill about 140 positions, a massive task this late in the year. Under the commissioner’s order, only 25 percent of the Sam Houston staff can return to the new schools.


2 = article may expire in a few weeks.

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