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Taxis Fiesta addressing needs of Hispanic community
— reported by the Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena has few bus stops, less taxi services, and few places within walking distance.

Taxis Fiesta, the 24-hour bilingual taxi service based in Houston, is moving into Pasadena to help with these problems. The company is slated to make its move into town official today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the office of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce on Fairmont Parkway.


Martínez started Taxis Fiesta 20 years ago to provide a more accessible transportation option to a growing Hispanic community in Houston, and hopes to do the same in Pasadena, the largest city with the largest Hispanic population surrounding the Houston area.

“It was in response to the need within the Hispanic community,” said Martínez. “There was no bilingual transportation service that was marketing into that community so I started it and the city gave us 25 permits and we are now 200 cabs here in the Houston area. We’re very exited now at this point on our 20th anniversary here (in Houston) … going into Pasadena.”


Author: Paloma Cruz

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