Follow your instincts

Arianna called this evening with a story about how she just barely avoided a car crash.

She was driving home from school (she’s taking classes for her master’s degree) and was stopped at a red light. She looked into rearview mirror and saw a truck driving up to the end of the red-light queue. Something about it looked odd. She paid closer attention and saw that the truck was swerving.

Still, she paused before reacting. Then she ran the red light. A second later the truck crashed into the car behind her, pushing that car into the side-rail of the street.

Thankfully, there had been no oncoming traffic when she ran the red light. And no one was hurt in the accident (the truck’s brakes weren’t working). But her car would have been hit, or totaled, if she handn’t paid attention to her instincts.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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