food for low-income families

Free fruits and veggies a Godsend to low-income families, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11.

For families on tight budgets, the healthiest items are sometimes missing from the menu — fresh fruits and vegetables are often just too expensive.

But a downtown pantry run by a local church is offering struggling families healthy choices they seldom get to make.

The line continues to grow right past downtown symbols of prosperity. It ends at St. John’s United Methodist Church Bread of Life.

Every Wednesday, an army of volunteers helps fill box after box of fresh produce for hundreds of people.

Want to help?

[snip] …donations from the Houston Food Bank.

“We would not be able to distribute the food without the Food Bank,” said Wilson.

You can obtain additional information on making a food donation from the Houston Food Bank Web site.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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