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In my family we aren’t good at economizing. Yes, I live within a budget. Yes, I know that I don’t have all the money in the world on which to survive. However, I don’t really make big sacrifices. I buy my favorite foods. I buy snacks and candies and junk food. I eat out for lunch almost every day.

And I don’t really plan on changing any time soon.

In case my future plans are wrong, however, here’s a nifty little plan on how to feed a family of four for $45 a week.

Forty-five dollars will seem outrageously abundant to some, while it will seem miniscule to others. It is the smallest amount I was able to come up with that will provide enough supplies to an empty kitchen to feed an entire family for a week. The servings are ample and a few adjustments allow you to increase the quantities from 4 servings to 6. Newly added nutritional information makes it clear that except for sodium, these recipes are nutritious and healthy. They are low in fat and cholesterol, high in protein and rich in fiber. To reduce the sodium you can use half as much salt and bouillon as called for in the recipes, and purchase store-brand reduced sodium canned vegetables instead of the regular variety.

It was actually an interesting list. Very little meat, but lots of protein. Bookmark-worthy.

(Found via LifeHacker.)

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