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For those wanting to get started in personal branding, Dan Schwabel
brings us the Personal Branding Toolkit. The series is a must-read to
get you from 0 to 10 in a few quick steps. Read the whole thing, linked
in series below.

Business Cards — Some tips, in an abbreviated format:

  1. Name: Use your full name that you want people to call you. You don’t have to use your legal name and don’t use a nickname.
  2. Personal picture: Every business card should contain your face.
  3. Logo: Whether you have a personal or corporate logo, it has to be included on your branded business card. A logo is the best visual for branding.
  4. Contact information: just use your preferred method of contact.
  5. URL(s): This is the perfect time to include a link to your blog, LinkedIn account or any other website that best represents your brand.
  6. Material: Apart from common business cards made of paper/card
    there are also special business cards made from plastic (frosted
    translucent, crystal clear, white or metallic). You can even use metal,
    rubberized cards, magnets or wood. You are guaranteed to stand out if
    you don’t use the regular material.
  7. Product snapshots: If you sell a certain product, like an iPod, a car or even a house, then take a snapshot and put it in your business card.
  8. Font: The typeface you use is very important for your personal brand.
  9. Personal brand statement: This is yet another place to put
    your personal brand statement. Remember, this statement includes “what
    you’re the best at” and “the audience you serve.” It’s personal
    positioning for the 21st century.

Portfolios — 3 Tips for grade A portfolios:

  1. Use categories
  2. Include descriptions

Resumes — Great tips to follow:

  1. Design your brand.
  2. Don’t use your picture.
  3. Links rock.
  4. Experience trumps education.
  5. Show some class.
  6. Create the multimedia you.
  7. Get Linked-In.
  8. Grow it.
  9. Summarize it.
  10. Customization.

Cover Letters

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