Get your sleep, wake up early, have breakfast, get to work early

Every New Year’s I sit down and write my goals for the year. They usually include things about work, health, and family — esoteric things I know I’m not going to accomplish.

A few years ago I decided to focus on specific items, things I could measure. So I create goals and establish milestones and track them throughout the year. I’ve done much better in actually reaching my goals this way.

Next year I’m going to include four of the recommended tips in this Lifehacker article listing “Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Daily Routine.”

Solve Your Sleep Problems. Or rather, get the sleep you need. I’m very guilty of staying up until I pretty much pass out, then wonder why I have trouble waking up early.

Wake the F Up. I read this as wake up early. Something I don’t ever get to do. I am not a morning person.

Make Breakfast Fast and Cheap. If I’m lucky, I have a cup of coffee for breakfat. Normally I’m too rushed to stop and eat. Or I just don’t want to deal with making something and cleaning it up before I go to work. This needs to stop.

Go to Work Late (or Early). The article recommends that you learn what the most productive schedule for you is and stick to that, be productive. I go to work later than most and stay later. I have had this schedule for quite a while. But I think I need to mix things up and improve my day by changing. So that means I really want to start going to work early to see if it kick starts my productivity.

And I know that I need to do this now instead of waiting until January.

Once again, wish me luck.

UPDATE — maybe I need to exercise too.

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