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University of Phoenix offers new education degrees
— reported by the New Mexico Business Weekly

The University of Phoenix will launch a new bachelor of science degree in education/elementary education (BSEd/E) in March.

The private college has offered master’s degrees in education since 2003, but has never offered a bachelor’s degree in the field.

Its decision to do so comes on the heels of a poll the school conducted of 700 students enrolled in its master’s of arts in education program, which found that 40 percent of those students were enrolled for the master’s degree program in order to change professions and become teachers.


Students in the new bachelor’s degree program will be required to spend 14 weeks working as student teachers at the end of the program as required by the state, and must, therefore, be prepared to leave their jobs for that period, but the rest of the program will be conducted in the evenings and on weekends, like most University of Phoenix courses. Students also will be able to apply for the license to teach in New Mexico.

Founded in 1976, the University of Phoenix, owned by the Apollo Group Inc. has been in Albuquerque since 1985. The school has 163 campuses in 33 states, as well as in Puerto Rico and Canada and is the largest private, accredited university in North America.

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