Getting Things Done

Wired News ran two stories on the current Getting Things Done movement.

The first story, A Guide to Getting Things Done, covers David Allen’s personal-productivity guidebook Getting Things Done and what it means.

Depending on your politics, Getting Things Done is either a how-to for drones to perform harder and faster, or the book that will help you wipe out anxiety through streamlining your approach to work.

The second, GTD: A New Cult for the Info Age, covers the movement that’s surged around the book.

…the benefits of old-fashioned filing systems are not lost on even the likes of Mann, whose Hipster PDA invention — a palmtop lookalike that is merely a bunch of index cards held together with a binder clip — is a popular retro retreat for those who prefer paper to pixels.

Of course, what I know about the GTD movement, the lifehacks and the innovations… the movement itself, I’ve learned, sort of, from LifeHacker. I’m thinking I may need to read the book.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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