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10 things you shouldn’t buy new
—reported by MSN

Why waste money on shiny packaging and a fancy store when you can get it ‘pre-owned’ for a fraction of the cost? Here are your best buys.


  • Books, books, books. “Your local library, for example, may allow you to reserve titles online and then deliver them to your nearest branch for pick-up. Used book stores abound, both in your town and online. If you’re looking for a potboiler to get you through your next cross-country flight, just stop by almost any yard sale and pick up four for $1.
  • DVDs, CDs and videos
  • Little kids’ toys
  • Jewelry
  • Sports equipment
  • Timeshares
  • Cars
  • Software and console games
  • Office furniture
  • Hand tools

Author: Paloma Cruz

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