good email strategy has a spotlight on Petco and their email marketing strategy that’s worth a read. PETCO — Where the E-Mail Marketing Goes a Long Way describes the retailer’s approach to both building and mataining the email relationship with their customers.

“We don’t go after quantity, we go after quality — we make sure our sources are pre-qualified to deliver a qualified pet owner.”

One of the key techniques the site uses to build its e-mail list is a coupon offer. Every user who gives his or her e-mail address is awarded a $10 coupon for PETCO products. This works at three levels:

  • It builds the e-mail list
  • It ensures that only qualified buyers give their e-mail
  • It prompts these users to start shopping at

The technique, “makes it pretty easy to try to get that first purchase,” Blank notes.

The article goes on the point out that you need to make it a customer service and you need to make it personal.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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